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The secret is you !

Mission statement

A people-focused company with a strong sense of responsibility.

At V24 Staffing our focus is “You” ! People see it in the way our logo forms a Y. We focus on both employers and job seekers with a strong sense of responsibility. We continually strive for higher standards of communication so all people feel heard and get their needs met.

Our goal is to understand the requirements of our business partners and our job seekers. By doing this, we prioritize effective communication and utilize our expertise to provide an excellent result for both our business partners and candidates.

We strive to build a leading reputation of providing invaluable service to businesses and helping a hardworking community of candidates get value for the work they produce.

No person can succeed alone, and no business can succeed without people. The V24 team wants to be known as collaborative and resourceful, a path for connection.

Our candidates and employers are our greatest assets. We go above and beyond to ensure that both parties improve their performance in order to benefit each other.

Our Process

cost-efficient staffing agency in Indiana

We pay critical attention to the needs of both Parties

In this dynamic working landscape of providing staffing solutions to businesses, we recognize the importance of communication and engagement. We pay meticulous attention to each group and try to match our candidates to the best opportunity.

Efficient matching structure for Businesses and Employees

We understand and appreciate the significance and professional nature of the recruitment process, so we live between 2 perspectives. We take great pride in boosting the productivity of businesses by providing efficient employees and also offering job/career opportunities to job seekers.

Using a Methodical Approach

Our approach to providing staffing solutions is systematic, the business challenge usually determines our priority. As an efficient recruitment service, we listen to clients and research candidates that match needed roles and create engagement. Then build a formal role briefly.

True success happens when people can grow, gain skills, and businesses get to find and hire great talent.

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