9 Tips To Make Working In A Warehouse Easier, Safer & More Enjoyable

Warehouses are great workplaces with many opportunities to create a decent life, but they can be stressful for newbies.

Here are ten tips I’ve written based on my own experience to make the transition to this job much easier.

Wear appropriate clothing

The type of clothing you wear during your shift has a huge impact on your work performance. Heavy overalls in a dry and hot environment can cause sweating, thirst and fatigue. They also restrict your movement, so you feel uncomfortable.

If you work in a similar environment, wear shorts or sweatpants.

For a cold storage environment, such as a freezer, you will need heavier clothing, such as insulated jackets, pants, a hood or a cold wrap. This gives you more time and cause much less  environmental stress so that you can work efficiently

Take care of your diet

You need to have a well-balanced diet, especially if your work involves heavy lifting.

With a good diet, you will not feel so tired and your chances of injury will be reduced. Avoid as many snacks and drinks from fast food and vending machines. It’s not healthy and it costs a lot of money in the long run.

Take time to prepare meals at home and have a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Your body will thank you for this when you are older.

It is recommended that you plan your meals and use your rest days to prepare healthy meals, which you can freeze and consume on weekdays.

Save your money

Working in a warehouse can make you a lot of money if you put in the work. Many warehouses now have incentive pay, so if your performance exceeds a certain standard, your salary will be increased. It gives you the opportunity to make a lot more money if you perform well. In the long run, this extra saving can be a lovely vacation for your family or even your children’s collage tuition.

Don’t overdo it

You need to take care of your body and not push things too much. Even though warehouse jobs reward hard work and going above and beyond your line of duty for the team’s success. However, it can lead you to get burned after some time. Sure, you can do it in the first few weeks or months, but at some point your body will give up. This is why many who initially force themselves often quit a few months later.

Try to keep a steady pace; don’t be too slow or too fast. You can also change your performance during the working day. For example, you may start much faster at first, but start slowing down for a few hours until your shift ends. This will ensure that you still have acceptable performance numbers at the end of the conversion.

An alternative trick is to have days of the week (especially at the beginning of the work week) when you push the limit and others where they are easy. If your performance is measured by a weekly average, then this approach is good.

Use appropriate tools and techniques

If your job involves a lot of lifting, twisting and turning, then it is important to follow lifting proper habits.

Lower back injuries are the most common source of accidents for warehouse workers.

When lifting an object, bend your knees, place the object between your knees and lift it with your feet, keeping your back straight or slightly bent.

With these simple but effective lifting techniques, you can prevent you from having a hernia as you continue your work. Wearing a back brace while exercising can also help protect your back from the strain you put on during exercise.

Stay hydrated while working

Warehousing work, such as picking orders, loading and operating trucks, can be tedious and exhausting.

You lose a lot of water because of sweat. This lost water needs to be replaced, otherwise you get tired faster and your performance decreases. Always bring a bottle of water that you can drink while you continue your work and save your self from dehydration.

Get to work early

Go to work early so that you have enough time to prepare before the shift.

It is recommended to go half an hour to an hour early even.

You will have time for a snack or two, you can use the bathroom and try the equipment you will use. I find that latecomers are stressed from their late arrival to find that available equipment, such as pallet jacks or sound isolation equipment, is not in good condition, and then spend (limited) time trying to solve problems.

Generally, a late arrival is not a good way to start the day.

Wear good shoes

The warehouse is a fast environment where you constantly go from one place to another and collect heavy items. Wearing heavy steel boots can get you tired faster.

Find shoes that offer decent protection while also being lightweight. This will help you move around more effectively and reduce fatigue

Friendship in the warehouse

Warehouses can quickly become stressful and depressing. This is due to the pressure on employees to perform. Friendship is a great way to deal with this. You all have the same problems and can advise each other on how to improve your performance.

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