Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives To Implement In 2022


Diversity, Justice and Inclusion (DEI) has become a top priority for leading organizations around the world. Despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent on diversity in organizations, many companies have failed to create an environment that would attract and retain employees from less represented backgrounds. In workplaces around the world, there is a need to rethink how interventions truly ensure sustainability, promote justice and fairness, and maintain diversity and under-represented staff.  Here are four key practices that organizations must implement in 2022 and beyond.


An accessible workplace is one that prioritizes the needs and unique support systems of employees who are differently able. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, it is illegal to discriminate against any employee or job seeker based on their disability.

There are similar protections for people with disabilities for individuals living in different countries around the world. Human resources professionals must be trained in the protection of the disabled and the laws of their country.

Organizations also need to work closely with people with accessibility skills to better understand the policies and practices that need to be adopted or changed to better meet people who are differently able. How can organizational processes and employee experience be improved without having to ask employees?

Some questions that leaders need to consider include: Is our recruitment and job interview process accessible? Do we use captions for our video conferences and interviews? Do we actively assign open tasks to areas where people with disabilities can be found? Do we repeatedly demand employee turnover time? There are many areas where ableism can influence decision-making, so be sure to review policies and procedures and provide ongoing training.


From 2022 and beyond, companies need to realize that no matter how many interventions you implement in the workplace (coaching programs, employee groups, DEI training, etc.), there will be no change or that employees are not responsible for their environment.

Companies need to have a number of accountability measures in place, including allowing employees to evaluate management on a DEI scorecard, implementing anonymous reporting systems to promote anonymity, good manners, and a clear and targeted system for dealing with impartiality. and problematic behavior.

What are the impacts on leaders whose behavior is reported but has not changed? By 2022, employees will no longer be willing to adjust, especially if it is easier to find another company that cares more about employee welfare.


Despite many commitments in the area of ​​racial justice, there is a great need for additional systems of protection and support for racialized groups. With almost two years missing, many racially oriented employees are relieved of the micro-aggression they usually experience in the office.

One study found that only 3% of black employees wanted to go to a full-time office in Covid. With the expectation of working in an office or an upcoming version of the hybrid model, many employees are leaving their jobs to continue to address issues or environments where racial equality is a major goal.

Organizations wishing to defend racial justice have to ask themselves a number of questions, including “what concrete efforts are being made to support racial workers?” but they do not directly support racial workers or correction systems that are not honest. What specific actions to make sure all employees are supported by the same rate? Are you getting enough feedback from workers in minority groups?

Have you used them to improve their working conditions? Develop concrete and tangible solutions that will benefit racialized employees. Finally, it should be noted that all efforts to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged employees ultimately benefit everyone in the organization.

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