How A Staffing Agency Can Help You Hire Seasonal Employees During The Holiday Season

Being a staffing professional you are required to continuously take care of the client’s hiring requirements while keeping in mind to cut down the costs in the process. You generally have to spend quite a significant amount of time on making your recruitment strategy foolproof. You have to be extra careful to be a reliable source for recruitment needs for all your clients from time to time.

While you are trying to hire the most efficient temporary employees you might have to rethink your usual hiring strategy. Looking for new avenues and talent pool will ensure you get the most reliable and quality temporary workforce. 

When hiring seasonal staff you have to keep in mind the extra level of intricacies and planning that is required. It is generally different from your full-time recruitment policies, thus you have to take care of the planning so as not to disrupt your full-time and traditional recruitment policies. In most cases, your seasonal hiring has to take into consideration the shift in industry policies, rising requirements in the market, even the seasonal influxes of staff requirements across the industries.

You have to meticulously look for staff who are willing to take the risk and adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the industry. You will have less time to train and make your staff comfortable, so looking for individuals who can thrive in a challenging environment will be your best bet. 

It is always a difficult task to get seasonal staff on short notice as it can put big strains on your established hiring and recruitment policies. It will generally put unnecessary pressure on the client’s hiring team. This is why we have created a well thought out strategy to ensure your clients can be prepared for the rising demands of the seasonal employees. 

Identify the Need for Seasonal Workforce 

If you are planning to hire seasonal staff the first thing you need to consider is the various demands in the market. Identifying the required talent is the first step in successfully hiring the most effective temporary employees. It may be a daunting task for you to decide the required skills beforehand for the temporary roles based on the demands of the industry. It is possible you might be able to gauge the required skills, thus we are here to help you with the recruitment process of seasonal staff. 

Generally, seasonal staff are expected to work in a company for at least for 6 month or less during the same period of time each year consistently. Influxes in the demands make it necessary for companies to support their workforce for the rising need of workforce by hiring seasonal staff. The most popular seasonal staffing skills that attract the most number of workers are the cashiers, loaders, warehouse workers, stock managers and so on. We have also seen the rise in demand for lifeguards during the summer especially between memorial day and labor day. 

The major differentiating factor between your usual workforce and seasonal workforce is the period of time you desire to hire these staff. In most cases we have seen companies hire seasonal staff for not more than four months or 120 days in a calendar year. In our experience, we see a huge rise in hiring of cashiers during the holiday sales. Temporary laborers are always demanded from time to time by companies for their various sized projects. 

If you are trying to ensure that you have a favorable outcome from the temporary workforce. Understanding the right type of seasonal hiring suited for each individual role is very important. To get the most out of your seasonal workforce, you have to ensure that the candidates selected are aligned with the job requirement and their expectations. Also, being upfront with the duration of the temporary role ensures they succeed with the greatest degree of satisfaction while being a part of the company. It also increases their chances of returning the next year for the seasonal roles. 

Provide Customized Job Descriptions

Although most temporary job roles are similar to your permanent roles. You still need to have a separate job description every year to attract the best talents for seasonal roles. Every seasonal job has its own unique skill requirements to get the top talents to be interested in getting hired for the roles. It is also a good idea to keep the job description as detailed as possible, most probable candidates will want to know the pay, working hours, benefits and other job-related nuances before applying. Thus, ensuring you have a customized and detailed job description is ideal in getting the best candidates for seasonal roles. 

You can enquire with the past seasonal employees about how well your job description was drafted and it made them interested in applying for the post. Using surveys can help you collect essential data that can be helpful for your clients to get the best seasonal talents hired.  

Have a Talent Pool to Choose the Best Seasonal Employees

The data gathered over the years while handling seasonal hiring for clients, every staffing agency has got a list of possible seasonal employees who are consistently interested in seasonal jobs. They also maintain the data regarding the skills, last job satisfaction, job success rate and so on that can help you find the known seasonal talents for your company. While there are people who are interested in getting a seasonal role just as a starter for getting into a company. There are some groups of people like college students who are also interested in temporary roles and have a fixed schedule every year when they are available to take up these roles.

Having a talent pool makes it a lot more convenient and easier for companies to get their best fit of seasonal talents. You should not hold back exceptional talents who might also be looking for a permanent role rather than just a seasonal job. But ensure that both the parties involved are on the same page with the expectations. 

Thus it is always a wiser choice to get the help of a staffing agency when you are looking for seasonal employees during the holiday influx season. Also, as the holiday season sees a rise in the demands of seasonal talents, getting your requirements to agencies can assure you get the best bang for your buck. As we have staff with consistent skills and proven track records we can ensure you get the best fit for your role. It is also efficient as we have a record of previous employees whom we can easily get instead of looking around aimlessly. 

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