How To Achieve Your Life Goals While Working Full Time

Some of us have set goals for this year, but they may seem really hard to get started. It is often a matter of finding time before or after work to make our personal goals a reality.

For example, we want to lose a lot of weight this year. But finding time between work and commuting becomes a challenge.

Added to this is the fact that work stress forces us to sit at home, eat ice cream and watch tv. Or maybe it’s a side rush and the results don’t look good. We took the time and effort, but we didn’t see the fruits of our labor.

Here are some important things to keep in mind that can help you achieve your life goals while working full time.

Set Clear Goals

One of the biggest obstacles to any goal is to clarify what the goal really is. If you are not sure what your goals are before or after work, then this leads to confusion and inefficiency.

Vague goals like “losing weight”, “starting a business” or “spending more time with your family” do not apply to the time you have at work.

Specify numbers, time frames, and activities. For example: “By December 2022, I want to lose 20 pounds”

The clarity of your goals will also help you reverse the steps needed to achieve your goal. You can divide it into hours and tasks, which will make it easier to achieve your goals with the limited time you have to spare after working full time.

Understand Why You Want To Achieve A Specific Goal

Before, during and after work, state the reason why you want what you want. It can be the difference between success and failure.

Despite the demands of our time at work, we must live our lives outside of work as well. During this time, we want to elevate ourselves and others.

You really decided WHY you want what you want? How important. Is it more important than your job?

Take time in your work to think about your personal goals. Keep reminders on your desk or workspace so you can focus on what’s really important. Set an alarm at a certain time of day as an incentive to keep you in mind WHY.

Focus On Your Energy Rather Than Your Time

It’s easy to say, work on your goals before and after work. You spend two hours a day commuting, 8-9 hours at work and a maximum of 9 hours of sleep. If you have a family, you also need to make time for them. So what will you do with the remaining hours?

The more important question is, what is your energy level in the remaining time? Perform an energy check as you work on your goals. When is your energy highest?

Then you need to work on your goals. Use this time to do what you want to do. Although this means getting up early or adjusting your working hours. Also, explore and find ways to improve your energy levels. Find ways to manage your energy at work to get more into the tank. Exercising, if your goal does not include it, is an effective way to improve overall mental and physical strength.

Try To Turn Your Goals Into A Routine

Work often involves automation. Every day the same time, we wake up, we do the same steps, we go the same way to get there, and we always do the same task.

As tedious as it may be, you can use your usual behavior to achieve your goals.

For example, create a habit of brushing your teeth while doing squats.

Your goals to read or grow a business can happen when you travel to work. If you go to the same place for lunch, you can take 30 minutes to read.
Take a look at your day and find out where you can take steps to make your goals routine.


Your goals should not be delayed for your work. It is important that we do our work diligently, but we still have to pay attention to other parts of our lives.

Understand why you want to achieve these goals, and find ways to optimize, outsource, and automate on the go.

Above all, take care of your energy as well as your time. And put that energy into 20% of the tasks with the intention of providing an 80% return.

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