The Founding Values That Have Helped Shape Our Corporate Culture

History Of V24 Staffing The Best Employment Agency

V24 Staffing is a veteran- and minority-owned employment agency directed by Damian Pondal, CEO, and Diego Morales, President.


Damian is a dynamic and self-made Indianapolis business owner. After an initial career in operations, he started his first business at 22 and grew that to a multi-million-dollar service provider around the state. He is now taking that experience and knowledge of technology and people and succeeding in the staffing arena. He is passionate on providing great service to our clients but also helping those people in the community, both find careers and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Damian lives in Greenwood Indiana with his wife and three children and enjoys coaching soccer in his spare time.

Diego Morales

Diego Morales served as senior advisor to Vice-President Mike Pence while he was Governor of Indiana. He is now a business executive, consultant, and entrepreneur. Diego is a multilingual executive with experience in the public and private sector including executive management experience in: international relations, foreign affairs, governmental affairs, public relations, political campaigns, global marketing, supply chain management, logistics and business development, as well as serving as an adjunct faculty of business in higher education. Diego is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and a proud member of the American Legion, the Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow, and other leading civic organizations.

V24 staffing was formerly called Ventures staffing. V24 is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our company was born out of our desire to help the community by providing employment opportunities. Over the years, it has grown and diversified to reflect our keen interest in delivering excellent staffing solutions. Under the leadership of Damian Pondal, and Diego Morales, we have helped job seekers secure jobs and they get paid for the value they provide and new opportunities. The company continues to grow and we are proud to have successfully provided unparalleled services to meet our unique business demands. We owe our success to all our hard-working staff, candidates and trusted clients, we hope YOU will continue to be a part of our success story.

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