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You find the leaders of tomorrow in the ranks of the people showing up everyday to complete the necessary work with purpose and care and show respect to their teammates.

  • Warehouse
  • Light Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Outdoor & Construction Industries
  • Hospitality
  • Office Support


For many in the Warehousing and 3PL space recruiting both permanent and temporary labor is the single biggest problem with growth. V24 staffing started in this industry and has developed many solutions to the unique needs of this industry.

Light Industrial / Manufacturing

Finding both skilled and general labor is a challenge for many in light manufacturing today.

V24 staffing can provide staffing from a complete manufacturing cell to just a few specialize individuals needed to round out a team. Take advantage of our flexibility to manage your organization needs.

Outdoor Industries and Construction Industries

Labor and equipment is what needed to take many projects from design to reality. V24 staffing has provided solutions for general labor to equipment operators to get work accomplished. If you need a complete team or just role players talk to us about your needs.


No other industry we serve has felt the brunt of the pandemic more than the hospitality industry. If you need workforce support for daily operations V24 can help.

Office Support

Whether you are needing staff for in-person, remote work or a combination of that V24 has worked on projects that involve customer service, call center staff to office managers. We are here to help with your needs.

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